Excellent Service

We have qualified professionals, well-equipped facilities and products with unparalleled quality.

Personalized experience

Each customer is special, so they need to be treated with excellence.

Variety of services available

The list of treatments available at Spa Vital is varied and accessible to everyone. Furthermore, the facilities are complete, including a swimming pool, jacuzzi, Turkish bath and sauna.

If you need to relax your body and mind, we suggest a massage. It is perfect for relieving stress, relaxing muscles and relieving tension.

The most special and complete massages must be shared. Experience a Zen moment for two, in an immediate encounter with the balance between body and soul.

We welcome you to the world of infinite sensations that Nature offers. The Prestige Menu offers a sensorial experience of superior well-being with the jewels of Nature.

Therapeutic massages mainly consist of manual manipulation of the body's soft tissues, extremities and joints with the aim of stimulating relaxation, improving blood circulation and reducing stress levels.

At Spa Vital we use a selection of natural products that bring numerous benefits to your skin while providing a sublime feeling of comfort. Try the body wraps we have for you and enjoy a unique experience.

Spa Vital has special packages so you can enjoy your favorite massages at special prices.

When performing a SPA body treatment, you will look radiant. Restore your figure with Spa Vital body treatments.

We carry out facial treatments using advanced and safe technologies, in order to provide you with excellent results in combating different facial problems.

Icoone is the only patented device in the world that performs facial and body treatments combining Multi Microalveolar Stimulation, a deep and effective stimulation of the connective tissue, with the action of laser and LED light sources, thus helping to achieve faster and longer-lasting results . Furthermore, Icoone allows for symmetrical two-handed stimulation, twice as fast and effective.

Your nails say a lot about you, so they should always be perfect. Elegance reigns in the small details.

There is nothing more relaxing than leaving your worries aside and allowing yourself a moment of Beauty and Well-Being

Without body hair, without concearns... Come do the hair removal with us!

Men can and should keep the habit of taking care of their body hair. Find out the hair removal services that we have to offer

Say goodbye (once and for all) to the unaesthetic body hair!

Say goodbye (once and for all) to the unaesthetic body hair!

SPA Vital

16 years taking care of you!

Located in the heart of the city of Ponta Delgada, more specifically in the Hotel Antillia, Spa Vital is used to providing its customers with a quality service in the areas of Spa and aesthetics. Come and learn more about us.

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